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Yotam Bezalel Studio is a leading boutique branding studio located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Having amassed 20 years of experience and an impressive portfolio with clients across several continents, the studio has achieved countless branding successes in fields such as catering, food, lifestyle, cosmetics, hi-tech, and more.

We believe in the power of design to motivate and transform, but we understand that behind every good design is a good idea or insight. Good designs meet a need. They tell a story, convey a message, and give value to a product by imbuing it with meaning.

Good designs do not come from thin air. They’re the result of a dedicated work process that stems from an ongoing collaboration between the studio and our professional partners. Once we precisely define the relevant needs, we develop the required creative materials, always considering and attending to even the smallest details, from the first step to the final production. This is the approach that has led us to create iconic brands for more than two decades.

Our founder, Yotam, graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, and has won several prestigious awards and scholarships for his design work over the years. He also regularly lecturers at Bezalel, as well as Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Ramat Gan, and has made his mark on top brands worldwide.

what we do


Creating winning packaging that appeals to all the senses is both an art and a science.

Beyond simply being a container or wrapper for the product, packaging must express the brand story clearly and prominently, conveying its essential message in an instant.

Packaging also has to take into account various regulations and restrictions, to ensure that the product reaches the customer with all the necessary information (price, production details, etc.) and in line with all applicable standards. We have extensive experience designing and developing specific packaging for restaurants, cosmetics, couriers, wine and beverages, and – of course – for food and retail products.

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Good food deserves a great design, because we all eat with our eyes first.

At Yotam Bezalel Studio, we have a huge appetite for both good food and great designs, so having the opportunity to brand restaurants is always a real treat.

Each restaurant or cafe needs a carefully selected blend of creative materials that bring together knowledge, expertise, and precision in just the right media and formats.

We have 20 years of experience branding food retail chains, restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes around the globe. This experience and knowhow helps us guide the branding project from the concept stage onward, including preliminary sketches, production, and supervision of all suppliers involved in the project.

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The logo is the pinnacle of the branding process and the signature of the brand – its essence, its face, and the image that will be displayed and distributed throughout every media type and application in the physical and digital world.

A brand logo or symbol has a complex relationship with the consumer, who takes a mental snapshot of the logo, reads it, remembers it, and develops a certain emotional reaction to the brand. Therefore, a good logo needs to be clearly legible on the one hand, while on the other hand telling the brand story in an engaging, accessible way.

At the studio, we design iconic logos and symbols as an integral part of our concept and our process for creating iconic brands. Our guiding values when developing a logo always include brevity, simplicity, and fidelity while also ensuring a strong, distinctive look that evokes memory and emotion.

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In the modern business world, it is now a given that in order for any company to stand out from the crowd and establish a genuine presence, it is vital to build a professional brand language and image. Regardless of whether the company sells products or services, caters to end customers (B2C) or business clients (B2B), it needs a clear, distinctive image throughout all activity channels.

At Yotam Bezalel Studio, we believe that graphic image and branding are the external representation of the company’s positioning. Our years of brand building experience have led us to create structured, proven studio processes that are tailored to each client’s needs and budget. These branding processes include understanding the brand’s needs together with the client and formulating a strategic brief that defines and positions the company before even beginning the design stage. When these points are clear, the design that emerges is better, more iconic, and customized to the brand it serves.

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