We believe

It has taken us quite a long time, but ultimately we have come to understand a number of things about good design and good designers:

  A good designer must know what he likes and what
      he believes in

  Good design is born from an inter-disciplinary and
      all-encompassing thought process

  The hardest part any project is finding a really
      good idea

  A designer needs an environment which encourages
      creativity and artistic freedom

  Teamwork turns even the most talented of designers
      into a more talented one

  The customer is an inseparable member of the
      designing team

  The most brilliant piece of work can fail (and it will)
      if you do not pay enough attention to detail

  Fonts are love. Hebrew Fonts are a passion

  The sketch on the screen and the final product are
      two similar things, but just one of them really counts

  As a designer, if you have not seen your project
      through from start to finish – do not be surprised
      if it does not turn out as you planned.