Corporate identity

Achla salads

Branding and packaging design for Strauss Achla salads. Achla Salads Strauss, need re branding as a result of increased competition following the industrial image it has compering its competitors. Transformation of the brand that started in the product itself - Strauss began manufacturing a product line interesting and varied, emphasizes raw, close to the source material - as at home or in the deli. The initial goal of the new design is, then, give expression to the finest raw materials, the simplicity and the new culinary joy and especially to remove from Achla, he industrial look and give it a more,natural and fresh image. As part of the work we made a research and analyzed the packaging design of Achla competitors. We learned that there is growing trend of packages that emphasize the source and product itself (raw material) at the expense of excessive design or enhancement of the brand.